Headshot Photography: Money Making Portraits Made Easy! – Fynn Badgley

Headshot Photography: Money Making Portraits Made Easy!

Welcome to the only headshot class you will ever need – Headshot Photography: Money Making Portraits Made Easy!

Throughout this class, you will learn what it takes to take a good headshot to a great headshot! Nowadays, everyone needs a great headshot whether for an acting role, a LinkedIn profile or to show who they are to their clients. This class will give you the tools needed to service that demand.

This class is for all levels, so whether you’re new to photography or looking to up your subject interaction, there is something for everything in this information-rich class. Throughout the lessons, we will discuss best practices as well as include live demos to show you what a real headshot photoshoot can look like. Camera settings are shared with the images as well so you can see the technical breakdown of how each image is made.

By the end of this class, you will walk away with:

  • the ability to use both natural and artificial light to create a clean headshot portrait
  • the knowledge of photographer-subject interaction to create engaging expressions
  • the posing secrets to keep your subject looking confident and relaxed
  • the tools to retouch your portraits giving them that extra edge
  • multiple ways to make money from your headshots

Headshots are a clean, simple, and great way to earn income as a photographer while having some great interaction with others. I hope you enjoy taking headshots as much as I do AND as much as I did making this class.

Headshot Photography: Money Making Portraits Made Easy! – Fynn BadgleyAbout Author

Hello, my name is Fynn Badgley. I am a Toronto-based Commercial Fashion & Portrait photographer, as well as a content creator. My work has a large emphasis on how light is used, as well as creating a feeling from the viewer. People have always been and continue to be a large inspiration in my work, and a driving force behind the images I create and stories I tell. Through working as a photographer in various genres over the years, working on high-budget Hollywood film sets, and creating short and long-form content for various platforms, I am excited to share what I have learned with you so that we can all become a stronger community of creators, together.

Salepage: Headshot Photography: Money Making Portraits Made Easy! – Fynn Badgley



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