2D Photo Into 3D Animation: Blender 3.0 – PIXXO 3D

2D Photo Into 3D Animation

2D Photo Into 3D Animation: Blender 3.0

Project Description

You will be using the rapid asset production workflow from my class to make your own insect or creature of choice. Try adhering to the workflow in the sense of not overcomplicating geometry, and try simplifying steps, to speed up production (Remember, this workflow is not about a final polished result, but rather quick assets for testing/experimenting)

Try out the following:

  • Both Pexels and Pixabay have great resources and photos that are great quality and CC0. Find a photo that interests you (Front on, with even soft lighting, is ideal)
  • Try adding additional bones in your armature, and adapting your rig to your chosen project model, think about the parts and anatomy of your creature/subject
  • Lighting (Experiment with light placement, be creative)

About Author

Coming from an industry background, I really love the creative arts, especially within 3D and 2D Animation. I passionately enjoy mentoring people and teaching artistic disciplines across several platforms, primarily my YouTube channel (PIXXO 3D). It’s never too late to learn graphic design & motion graphics. You can get started with Blender (FREE) a completely capable and industry-tried software available to anyone. Why not get started today and express yourself with digital art.

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