Abstract Motive Sketches – Tattoo Design Masterclass – Lily Lu

Abstract Motive Sketches – Tattoo Design Masterclass

Create easy and fast Abstract Paintings and Tattoo designs. Designed by hand or Corel Draw.

In this course i show you easy and fast ways to make out of any Motive a Abstract sketch or painting. Specialy when you want to transform anyting into a Tattoo design this workshop will help you. I show a few different way either fully handmade or with the help of a grafic program like Corel Draw.

This can be a nice start into designing, creating and exploring simple Art for multiple purposes. Grafic designs, Merch, selling Tattoo designs, prints and so on. Abstract artt is timeless and fresh and you may find more use thn you think you do.

By the end of this course, you will learn to create your own Abstract Motive Designs

I show you two techniques. First totally by hand and you prity much need nothing more than some paper and pens (and it would be good to have a computer and printer for some reference pictures). For some advanced tips and techniques on the computer i use CorelDRAW X5 , but if you have a previous version or newer version you can still embark on the creative journey to learn vector graphic designing. This course includes practices files so you can follow along and actually learn by doing. For this it would be good you have a computer with Corel Draw X5 or newer installed so you able to open my Files.

Include also a fast and easy basic Corel Draw workshop lection

Why Corel Draw and Vectors instead of Pixels?

It gives you full control over your graphic designing

If you’re looking for a software that is user-friendlyand gives you full control over your grafic designing, you can easily create logos, business cards, flyers, pattern and Tattoo designs or anything else what your creative hearts want. Corel DRAW is used by professionals across the world for promotional Designing, making thumbnails, webpages and all sort of designs.

What makes me qualified to teach you?

I sucessfully work as an freelancer artist since 2 decades and creating Logos, Grafic designs, Merch designing, Tattoo designs and im verk known for my Digital Art and Tattoo work. I am worldwide known For creating my own Tattoo style who is based on Grafic design and abstract painting. I made Art exhibitions around the world and shown my Digital art wich i always entiredly created on Corel Draw. I own myself multiple Brands and i was always in charge for my own Grafics as i could never get the controll out of my hands. Beside of this i made a lot grafic designs for brands around the world.

I’m a full-time graphic designer and content creater and Artist since almost 2 decades. So i not only know how to use the program and design, i also know how it is to work for yourself and build up your own brands with the skills i teach.

Is this course for you?

You dont need any experience and you can fully start to learn a new skill and a new skill or program with me. In case you have already some knowledge about handpainting or Corel Draw you may learn some more skills. I never study grafic design but i am very sucesfull with it and you will find out easy when you reasearch for me (former artist name ‘little swastika’ (swastika = for the buddhist symbol of luck and buddha)).

I will show you how i use some basic tricks by hand and the program to make beautifull design work in a easy and uncomplicated way. And when you like it i have a few workshops around different topics in the program what you may interested in.

This course will cover everything you need to know to to start working on your own Designs, including:

  • A fast and easy basic Corel Draw workshop lection
  • How i seacrch my reference pictures
  • Ideas and visualizing a design
  • Prepairing reference pictures for fast way to use the proportions
  • Transform reference pictures into own linework designs
  • Layouting Designs and play with it
  • Abstract thinking and tips who help you to learn it
  • Work along assignments
  • Downloadable files and pictures
  • Different ways to fill out and play with the fillings
  • Background ideas
  • Advanced tips for crazy ‘photoshop’ designs

About Author

Abstract Motive Sketches - Tattoo Design Masterclass – Lily Lu
Lily Lu

I am lily lu and im a full time artist since 2 decades. In my past i was known under the name little swastika ( swastika stands for the buddhist symbol of the buddha and luck – absolutly not related to horrible nazi stuff) . I created a own tattoo genre with my own style and im worldwide known for this annd many art pieces i done with this medium. From fully body tattoo suits to pieces over 4 bodys till my ‘third dimension’ piece what was a art-tattoo-instalation and one extended tattoo motive over the entired backs of 10 peoples.

My work was and is published in hundrets of magazines and books all over the world and even that i retiered as a tattoo artist my self i still cary on my legacy as living legend in this scene. This days i still host a tattoo art gallery in my place ‘psyland 25’ where some of my former tattoo students still work and create my style i his most origin way.

I am also very known for my art beside of tattooing. I published a few art books, a philosophical book about life (thhe box i call life) and i hosted exhibitions and art projects all around the world (usa, nepal, russia, australia, all over europe, …).

I still love to create digital art, designing logos and art, and work almost daily on my grafic program and with different skills of artmenship and craftmanship.

This days im a full time filmmaker and run multiple projects. With my project ‘dirty dreaz’ i won many awards and my films got screened on many filmfestivals around the world already.

I also run multiple youtube channels but mostly focuse on my own brand channel ‘lily lu’. There you can see many clips about different topics of my life and about a creative alternative life.

There would be much much more to tell but i keep it short here. When you curious fid me on google or check out my channel.

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