The Art Of Drama Editing PRO Review: Is it Worth it?

The Art Of Drama Editing PRO

Welcome to my review of The Art Of Drama Editing PRO Course!

Film Editing Pro’s The Art of Drama Editing is a unique training course that gives you the opportunity edit a whole feature film.

You may Learn film editing, learn how to edit to a professional quality while putting together a protracted battle scene that was shot by a skilled Hollywood team with the Film Editing Pro course The Art of Action Editing.

So, should you take advantage of this chance and is it worth your time and money?

Let’s investigate!

The Art Of Drama Editing PRO Review
The Art Of Drama Editing PRO Review

What is The Art Of Drama Editing PRO a bout?

The Art Of Drama Editing PRO is Film editing courses, is an online course offered by Film Editing Pro, Learn film editing which is designed to teach aspiring editors how to edit drama films like a professional. The course covers a wide range of topics related to drama film editing, including analyzing a script, pacing, rhythm, character development, narrative structure, and more.

How The Art Of Drama Editing PRO Work?

Film Editing Pro is providing a free 3-part mini course that gives a general overview of some of the principles you would need to know as an editor to cut a dramatic narrative scene in order to attract you to investigate whether The Art of Drama Editing is a good fit for you.

You can see the first segment of this, which they released on their YouTube account, above. To access the second and third segments, you must register (for free).

What the mini-course covers is as follows:

Part 1: Editors’ Guide to Cinematic Storytelling

Analyzing the film industry’s use of visual language

How to write a gripping story

Part 2: Pacing & Timing Your Cuts

How to determine the timing & pace of cutbacks

Taking apart an edit in three different ways

Part 3: Creative Image and Sound Editing

How to use sound design to improve a scene

Using visual effects to spice up your shots

What is contained in The Art of Drama Editing?

Divided into 10 modules and more than 40 lessons Having examined several Film Editing Pro courses previously, I can attest that they are consistently well-done and packed with trustworthy industry knowledge. The Art of Drama Editing provides a very thorough approach to editing a feature film.

The courses that drew my attention as an experienced editor included the following, even though the course begins with basic editing techniques to prepare complete beginners:

  • Lesson 9: Organizational Strategies for Feature Films
  • Lesson 12: The Reality of Film Production
  • Lesson 13: Making Feature Selects and Breakdowns
  • Bringing a scene to life with Foley – Building the Cut
  • Lesson 25: Interweaving Storylines with Cross-cutting
  • Lesson 29: The Mechanics of Scene Pacing & Timing Lesson 31: Assembling the Feature
  • Lesson 35: The Audio Mixing Process
  • Lesson 34: Smoothing Transitions Between Our Scenes
  • Lesson 37: Preparing Your Film for Delivery and Presentation

to mention a few…

What will you receive when you participate in this The Art Of Drama Editing PRO?

  • Discover how to tell the human stories at the heart of all movies!
  • Learn how to use montages to clearly communicate your character’s emotions and personal development.
  • Explore the meaning of body language – how eyes, hands, arms and the body reveal what is in your character’s mind.
  • Hollywood strategies for ingesting and organizing media no matter what NLE you work with.
  • Smart workflows for editing that will help you drive the work rather than let the work drive you.
  • Hands-on editing workshops where you’ll ingest, organize, assemble and edit scenes with professionally shot feature dailies.
  • Practical advice to help you work quickly when the director or client is in the room with you.
  • From script to polished edit and everything in between, we’ll cover everything you need to edit amazing stories.
  • Conquer the art of cross-cutting to create emotional connections and add more interest to your movies.
  • 4 step-by-step guides for stylizing your flashback scenes, reinforcing your edit’s structure.
  • Skills and strategies that will help you to continue learning about the art of drama editing even after the course ends.
  • Fascinating insights into the production process to help you better understand the materials delivered to the editor.
  • The 5 types of montages typically used in dramatic films – everything from love scenes to training sequences.
  • Using the power of sound effects to show what your characters are thinking.
  • The best ways to output your finished film for presentation and delivery.
  • Polishing your finished edit with color grading and audio mixing.
  • Proven techniques to help pace your story, when to let a moment linger and when to draw it out.
  • How to make montages that are easy to follow by carefully crafting the music and shot choice.
  • Breakdowns of the dramatic editing techniques used in popular movies.
  • Creating smooth transitions between scenes as you assemble the edit.
  • The power-user techniques for laying out your audio tracks and mixing audio.
  • Delve inside the mind of experienced Hollywood editors as you watch them edit.
  • A thorough breakdown of the 12-stages of the hero’s journey – the foundation upon which countless stories are built.
  • Amazing visual effects techniques for combining performances from different takes.
  • The simple but effective rule that helps you to maintain spatial continuity when editing your scenes.
  • Filmmaking essentials and fundamental principles that every editor should know.
  • Learn how to arrive late and leave early to stop your edits from getting boring!
  • How to build stories and add production value with sound effects and foley.
  • Using foley and library sound effects to immerse the audience in your character’s world.
  • Learn how there is a dramatic story at the heart of almost every film.
  • Unlock the principles of dramatic film editing that will help no matter what genre you work in.
  • Cross-cutting tips that will help you quicken the pace in boring parts of your edit.
  • The techniques for breaking down dailies to facilitate quick and easy editing.
  • Powerful universal rules for understanding the underlying story structure of traditional Hollywood movies.

Pros and Cons of The Art Of Drama Editing PRO

Pros of The Art Of Drama Editing PRO

  • Chris, the primary instructor for Film Editing Pro, narrates the course, and Brian oversees a large portion of the hands-on editing exercises. Both have pleasant voices and are adept at explaining the ideas and methods.
  • Along with discussing the broad narrative framework of a film and how to keep the pace and storytelling going, the course also covers a variety of inventive picture and sound methods. At the conclusion of the course, you will learn how to deliver your final edit while also enhancing your video and audio.
  • Legitimate
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Cons of The Art Of Drama Editing PRO

  • Expensive

Pricing The Art Of Drama Editing PRO

The Art Of Drama Editing PRO Review
The Art Of Drama Editing PRO Review

When registering for the real The Art of Drama Editing course, there are three tiers to pick from.


  • 30+ hours of 1080p daily production;
  • 140 pieces of music;
  • 40+ training sessions (14 hours);


  • More than 200 extra camera angles and views
  • A 400-piece set of foley sounds that can be used for anything
  • Five further lessons, totaling more than 2.5 hours

While the Standard tier costs half as much as the Pro option and offers you access to the majority of the daily tasks, along with all of the educational training, I believe it is worthwhile to upgrade to the Pro tier for a few reasons.

The first and most convincing argument is that, in order to make the best technical and creative decisions and to give yourself the most authentic experience possible, you might as well be working with all of the project’s dailies if you’re serious about investing the significant amount of time necessary to cut a feature film.

In addition, you’ll have access to 5 additional courses, including an hour of in-depth instruction on how to transmit edits to other departments including sound, color, and VFX as well as how to incorporate their deliverables into your final product.

Personally, I think the Ultimate tier is way too pricey for the majority of people, but if you’re desperate for comprehensive feedback on your work, which could be crucial to your growth and learning, then it might be worthwhile.

The Art of Drama Editing Pro tier costs $997 if you pay up-front, saving you $167 compared to paying $97 for 12 months ($1,164)

Or the Standard option is only $497 up-front or 12 x $47/month ($564).

Compared to other training of this quality and rarity it strikes me as a good deal, especially for anyone who is serious about pursuing a career in scripted film or TV but, as yet, has no experience handling dailies or actually cutting dramatic scenes.

If you find the price of this course is higher than your income, you can check out our cheap course HERE.

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Is The Art Of Drama Editing PRO Scam or Legit?

The Art Of Drama Editing PRO course is definitely not a scam. It is a legit course. If you have always wanted to edit a full length film, this is your chance, and who knows where the experience and learning you gain from doing it, could take you?

What are people saying about The Art Of Drama Editing PRO?

I saw a number of Social Media user reviews after doing some research to find out more about the course – Film Editing Pro Reddit. Here are some of their quotes:

The Art Of Drama Editing PRO Review
The Art Of Drama Editing PRO Review
The Art Of Drama Editing PRO Review
The Art Of Drama Editing PRO Review

Conclusion: The Art Of Drama Editing PRO Review

It is a unique opportunity to learn the skill of editing directly from another editor, which normally only occurs when you get the chance to work alongside someone on a production or help them within a team. This, in my opinion, is the main reason a course like The Art Of Drama Editing PRO is worthwhile studying.

The traditional method of passing down the craft from generation to generation was through observing another editor at work, but those opportunities are getting harder and harder to come by. However, a course like The Art of Action Editing offers a close representation of this experience and is a useful method to advance your knowledge, broaden your skill set, and enhance your contribution to the edit suite.

If you have any questions for feel free to leave any additional comments or questions in the section below.


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