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The Ultimate Guide to Web Design

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Learn the ins and outs of being an ultimate web designer, from running a freelance business to learning design theory, following web design processes, to mastering design handoff

The Ultimate Guide to Web Design is perfect for…

  • Web Designers — Learn new things about web design, practice with the Figma files, and take your skills to the next level
  • Freelance Designers — Simplify your workflow, get access to freelance documents like questionnaires, briefs, and design contracts
  • Web Developers — Learn the fundamentals of UI design, typography, color, and principles of visual perception. Don’t rely on your designers as much!
  • Every creative person — Wanting to master the craft of web design!

About Author

The Ultimate Guide to Web Design – UI Adrian
UI Adrian

UI Adrian is a highly experienced design lead with 8 years of industry expertise. Known for sharing valuable design tips and tutorials on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, Adrian has garnered a significant following as @uiadrian. His insightful content has resonated with both mobile and web designers, leading to the tremendous success of his three design ebooks.

If you’re eager to enhance your design skills, Adrian offers invaluable resources available on his Gumroad page at While his last ebook is currently undergoing revisions for an even more impressive second release, you can still access the other resources and benefit from Adrian’s wealth of knowledge.

In addition to his written materials, Adrian is also passionate about teaching designers how to excel in Figma, a powerful design tool. Through his Figma Mastery course, found at, he guides aspiring designers on harnessing Figma’s capabilities to create remarkable designs efficiently and effectively.

For those who share Adrian’s enthusiasm for UX/UI design and no-code solutions, he invites you to join his community of design enthusiasts. By subscribing to his YouTube channel, you can expect weekly videos that will elevate your design skills and keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.

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