Erotic Hotel Photoshoot Review: Is Matt Granger a Scam?

Erotic Hotel Photoshoot

Welcome to Erotic Hotel Photoshoot Review!

This course is very erotic and has some very well put together pics and videos. If you are into just erotic-art, this is the course for you. The models in this members area is all very sexy and seductive and know how to play the camera. If you are turned on by eroticism then you will love this course.

Let’s investigate!

Erotic Hotel Photoshoot Review
Erotic Hotel Photoshoot Review

What is Erotic Hotel Photoshoot a bout?

The erotic Hotel Photoshoot updates the DigitalRev YouTube challenge with model Felicia in the same hotel.

Uncensored 18+

This start to finish photoshoot recreates the art nude challenge Matt Granger did with DigitalRev on YouTube years ago. They are shooting the same room, with the same lighting challenges, with a new model and this time it is completely uncensored.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is completely uncensored – the Images and video contain full explicit nudity.

This start-to-finish photoshoot runs for over an hour an a half, and brings you along to fully experience behind the scenes of an artistic + erotic photoshoot.

Matt Granger essentially recreating and updating the DigitalRev YouTube challenge he did in the past with Kai and Lok, where he was challenged to create art nude images in a small hotel room with only available light.

Here he revisited the same hotel room with a brand new model, and shot for 3 hours ranging from lingerie to nude through to explicit and erotically charged images.

He demonstrate how to get dramatic results using the props and lights available in the room. And crucially, you get to listen in to the whole shooting process as they build rapport and craft poses that are erotically charged whilst maintaining a comfortable and professional atmosphere on the shoot.

Who is Matt Granger?

Matt Granger
Matt Granger

Matt Granger is a professional photographer, educator, and YouTube personality based in Australia. He has over a decade of experience in the photography industry and has worked with a wide range of clients, including major brands, magazines, and celebrities.

In addition to his commercial work, Matt is also known for his popular YouTube channel, where he shares photography tutorials, gear reviews, and vlogs. He is passionate about educating and inspiring photographers of all skill levels, and has published several photography courses and e-books to help others improve their craft.

Matt is known for his expertise in a variety of genres, including portraiture, landscape, and wildlife photography. He is also an experienced workshop and tour leader, and regularly leads photography workshops around the world.

Outside of work, Matt is a happy husband, a passionate traveller and explorer and a bit of a foodie. Matt studied economics and film studies degrees at university – thankfully he has washed away most of the first, and kept a passion for film.

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What will you receive when you participate in this Erotic Hotel Photoshoot?

Erotic Hotel Photoshoot Review
Erotic Hotel Photoshoot Review
  • How to communicate with your model to ensure a comfortable and professional shoot
  • How to use available props and lighting to create dramatic images
  • How to vary the poses to go from implied, to nude to erotic results
  • How to identify potential locations and backgrounds for shots
  • How to use both hard and soft light to create sensual nude photos.

Pricing Erotic Hotel Photoshoot

Erotic Hotel Photoshoot Review
Erotic Hotel Photoshoot Review

As you probably already know, Erotic Hotel Photoshoot is currently selling for $147, a one-time payment for full access to the program.

If you find the price of this course is higher than your income, you can check out our cheap course HERE.

Is Erotic Hotel Photoshoot Course Scam or Legit?

Erotic Hotel Photoshoot course is definitely not a scam. It is a legit course. If you are into just erotic-art, this is the course for you, and who knows where the experience and learning you gain from doing it, could take you?

What are people saying about Erotic Hotel Photoshoot?

Erotic Hotel Photoshoot Review
Erotic Hotel Photoshoot Review

Conclusion: Erotic Hotel Photoshoot Review

To end this review, I would venture to say it is worth the price of admission if you are solely looking for quality erotic art. It is a well put together course, and not flashy but it gives you what you are told on the outside of the course before you join.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave any additional comments or questions in the section below.


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