Illustration for Designers Review: Is it worthwhile to learn?

Illustration for Designers Review

Welcome to Illustration for Designers Review!

There are practically hundreds of online illustration courses available, but as you can assume, not all of them are equal.

We took several factors into account to make sure we selected only the best.

We started by examining the credentials and expertise of each instructor who would be presenting the course. We looked at their credentials, any honors or distinctions they had received, and the span of their careers in teaching and illustrating.

We also made sure that the instructor was well-versed in current trends and technology utilized in illustration today, and we closely examined how current the information in the program was.

Let’s investigate! Illustration for designers course

Illustration for Designers Review
Illustration for Designers Review

What is Illustration for Designers a bout?

Expand your design skill set and develop your own unique illustration style—no prior drawing experience required. Illustration is the perfect solution for designers who want to dip their toes into the world of illustration and junior illustrators looking to sharpen their skills.

Who is Greg Gunn?

Greg Gunn
Greg Gunn

Greg is part creative professional, part artist, and a whole believer in the power of helping others.

His whimsical, vibrant, character-driven work has brought smiles (and more business) to wonderful clients including Disney, Facebook, Microsoft, Starbucks, NerdWallet, and Google.

By day, Greg works for The Futur™ a design-education company helping creatives all over the world earn a living doing what they love. He co-hosts The Futur™ Podcast, produces educational content for YouTube, and teaches aspiring creatives how to not suck at color.

In his free time, he creates original artwork for Instagram and bestows knowledge, experience, and inspiration through a weekly newsletter strangely named, TLDR.

How Illustration for Designers Work?

How this works

Develop Your Style

There’s Only One You—Let it Show!

What’s your style? Because what you aren’t going to learn is how to replicate someone else’s. You have a unique voice, a unique point of view, and unique subject matter—you’ll bring your style together so all of that shines.

Master The Fundamentals

All Levels Welcome

You’ll learn some simple tricks to stylize objects in illustrations, building objects using shapes, add details, and work through how design principles work within the illustration world.

Start Illustrating

Create Your Own Illustration Project

Working from a creative brief, you’ll sketch thumbnails, refine your sketch, and add details, color, light, shadow, and textures.

Learn Tips & Tricks

Ready for more?

Learn how to apply lighting tricks, work with techniques such as overprinting, and so much more.

What will you receive when you participate in this Illustration for Designers?

Illustration for Designers Review
Illustration for Designers Review

Get a beginner-friendly introduction to illustration and then dive into your own personal project where you’ll develop a brief and get hand-on with the illustration process—from thumbnails and sketching, to adding finishing touches and presenting.

Course Curriculum


A quick overview of what you’ll learn, the tools you’ll need, and the difference between design and illustration.

Finding Your Style

Bring together your unique visual language and subject matter so your work is like no other.

The Fundamentals

Build and stylize objects using simple shapes and tricks—perfect for beginners!

The Project

Create a brief and illustrate your own personal project, including thumbnail development, refining sketches, and adding finishing touches like color, shadows, and texture as well as presenting concepts to clients.

Tips & Tricks

Bring life to your illustrations with techniques such as lighting tricks, glows, underpainting and so much more.


Get your hands on Greg’s favorite tools, books, and go-to strategies for posting illustrations on Instagram.

Who is this Illustration for Designers for?

If you’re interested in visual communication, want to add new services to your creative business, or love drawing then this course is for you.

Pricing Illustration for Designers

Illustration for Designers Review
Illustration for Designers Review

As you probably already know, Illustration for Designers is currently selling for $149, a one-time payment for full access to the program.

If you find the price of this course is higher than your income, you can check out our cheap course HERE.

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What are people saying about Illustration for Designers?

I saw a number of youtube user reviews after doing some research to find out more about the course. Here are some of their quotes:

Illustration for Designers Review
Illustration for Designers Review
Illustration for Designers Review
Illustration for Designers Review
Illustration for Designers Review
Illustration for Designers Review

(We have Design Illustration course in Here)

Conclusion: Illustration for Designers Review

To sum up, Illustration for Designers course bring more visual interest and emotion to you, stand out with your own illustration style, and break free from your reliance on overused stock photos and clip art.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave any additional comments or questions in the section below.


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